LISTEN TO THE Worship Speakers

Tsim Nuj Kue

Senior Pastor at Providence Hmong Church of the C&MA

Daniel Yang

Director of the Church Multiplication Institute at the Wheaton College

Drew Hyun

Founder and Pastor of Hope Church NYC

Samuel Her

Disciple-Making Pastor at First Hmong Alliance Church

Hanssen Lo

Assistant Pastor at Alliance Community Church (GA).

LISTEN TO THE Microevent Speakers

Maila Kue Kim

"Beautifully His" Women's Conference

Kevin Her

"Him & His" Men's Conference

Tou Lee Thao

Global Missions Night

LISTEN TO THE Workshop Speakers

Lou Hang (N. KX. Timothe Hang)

Gender Identity: "I am who you say I am”

Jeremiah Herr

What is the Church? Do I have a place?

Jervis Her and Iris Her

The pursuit of holiness and the joy of living for Christ.

Ruth Hubbard

Seeing “Me” with the Eyes of the Artist

Doug Jerred

How can I serve Jesus today?

David Lee

Navigating Life as a 3rd Culture Kid: Hmong, American, and Christian

Windie Her (N. Txawj Havi Hawj)

More Than Enough: Finding Value in Who God Says I Am

Pa-Chia Yang Lor (N.KX. Jerry Lor)

More Than Enough: Finding Value in Who God Says I Am

Nhia Moua

I’ve been wounded. It hurts. Is it possible to forgive?

Dr. Jenn Smith

Heartbreak and Tragedy: Christian Responses to Death, Divorce, Depression, and the Like.

Daniel Vang

I don’t like pain! What’s the purpose of it?

Grace Vang

Pop Culture: Discerning What We’re Consuming

James Vang

Too many temptations! Feeling defeated.

Chao & Karen Xiong

Who is Jesus? A deep dive into the person of Christ.

Fong Xiong

What is the Gospel? And why is it important?

Jonathan Yang

I want to share my faith. Teach me!

Mary Yang Moua

Pressing Forward When Leaders Fail


I don't know how to pray.